No.4 Razorbacks take on tough ground in Oregon

Traveling to Oregon this week, Arkansas enters the Bill Dellinger Invitational with an improved national ranking of No. 4 in the updated USTFCCCA NCAA Coaching Survey. In addition to the Razorbacks, the peloton includes four other nationally ranked programs as they race 6,000m at 6:40 pm PT on the Pine Ridge Golf Club in Springfield, Oregon.

A live broadcast of the race will be available through a paid service,, at the following link: Bill Dellinger Invitational. Live results will be available at this link:

“We’re going to see some really good teams in the West in this competition as well as some great individuals,” said Arkansas women’s head coach Lance Harter. “It will be a very good test for the seven or eight that we eliminate there.

“Even though the course has changed from our previous trip to Meet Dellinger, we want to go out there and test the waters. Last year we were limited to SEC competition only, so we had limited exposure to what cross country was. This year we will be going to Oregon and then to the pre-nationals to try this show and get tested by some people.

The Razorbacks, previously No.6 in the preseason poll as well as the Week 1 poll, showed their depth by winning the Missouri Southern Stampede last weekend with a crew of seven, scoring 38 points with a 3-4-8-11-12 finish in his top five to improve the field by 92 points.

This week, Arkansas will race with a group of eight runners, including Taylor Ewert, Krissy Gear, Lauren Gregory, Julia Paternain, Carmie Prinsloo, Kennedy Thomson, Meghan Underwood and Isabel Van Camp.

“They did a good job when we first met in Missouri and have had three weeks of training since then,” Harter said. “Now we’ll see what they can do by running for the first time this season at 6km among some competitions.”

Ewert raced the streets of Springfield last summer, finishing sixth in the 20km walk at the US Olympic trials.

“His real focus for a few months was strictly walking,” noted Harter d’Ewert, the SEC’s 2020 freshman in cross country. “After the emotion and the results of the Olympic trials, she took a break and then started to come back a little later than in previous years.

“She is clearly catching up and what I keep reminding her is that she can’t put herself down. She may be late compared to last year, but we want to be ready, at the end of the day, for the SEC and NCAA meetings.

For the second week in a row, BYU and North Carolina State share the No. 1 female ranking in the NCAA Coaching Survey with New Mexico at No. 3 and Alabama at No. 5. The rest of the top 10 includes Michigan State, Stanford, Colorado, Washington and Minnesota. A third SEC team in the standings is Mississippi at No.15.

Nationally ranked teams scheduled to compete in the Dellinger Invitational include No.17 from Boise State, No.23 from Oregon State, No.24 from Oregon and No.25 of the state of Colorado. Programs receiving top 30 polls include Utah, Ohio State, Portland, and San Francisco.

The Dellinger Invitational field will also include Air Force, Cal Poly, Cal State Fullerton, Idaho, UC Davis, UCLA, Utah Valley and Washington State.

NCAA Coaching Survey | Week 2 – September 21, 2021
1. tie, BYU & NC State; 3. New Mexico; 4. Arkansas; 5. Alabama; 6. State of Michigan; 7. Stanford; 8. Colorado; 9. Washington; 10. Minnesota; 11. Michigan; 12. Northern Arizona; 13. North Carolina; 14. State of Oklahoma; 15. Ole Miss; 16. Georgetown; 17. State of Boise; 18. Notre-Dame; 19. Indiana; 20. State of Florida; 21. Illinois; 22. Connecticut; 23. State of Oregon; 24. Oregon; 25. State of Colorado; 26. Providence; 27. Furman; 28. Princeton; 29. Wisconsin; 30. State of Iowa.

Regional rankings among the Oregon domain:
Where is | 3. State of Boise; 4. State of Oregon; 5. Oregon; 6. San Francisco; 7. UC Davis; 8. Portland; 11. Washington State; 12. UCLA; 13. Idaho; 14. Cal State Fullerton
South central | 1. Arkansas
Big lakes | 6. State of Ohio
Mountain | 5. State of Colorado; 12. Air Force.

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