Noh Jung Ui Talks About Portraying An Idol In “Our Beloved Summer,” Working With Choi Woo Shik, And More

Noh Jung Ui took part in interviews following the conclusion of “Our Beloved Summer”!

SBS’s “Our Beloved Summer” is about ex-couple Choi Woong (Choi Woo Shik) and Guk Yeon Soo (Kim Da Mi), whose relationship did not end on good terms. Years later, the documentary they made in high school suddenly gains popularity and they are forced to find themselves once again in front of the camera. The drama aired its finale on January 25 to its highest ratings.

Noh Jung Ui starred as NJ, a high-profile idol with a one-sided crush on Choi Woong. Regarding the drama’s conclusion, the actress commented, “It was a drama that all the cast and staff put a lot of effort into filming and I’m so, so grateful to feel like I got it. been rewarded with a lot of love from viewers. I hope this project will be remembered as one that will stay in your hearts for a long, long time.

While NJ was incredibly kind and brilliant, she was also often outspoken with her words. Noh Jung Ui explained, “I think [conveying that tone] was both easy and difficult. I couldn’t be too cool, and it was a bit harsh because the character conveyed emotions while pretending to be cool.

This was especially prevalent in his scenes with his crush Choi Woong where NJ had to be both cute and honest. When asked what she was focusing on the most for this role, Noh Jung Ui replied, “[I focused on] this strange aspect of not crossing the line. I also paid attention to expressing my emotions in a brighter way. If I accidentally crossed a line, I thought it would be easy to become an unlovable character. NJ is not an unsympathetic character. I couldn’t voice it incorrectly, so I did my best to convey the script exactly as it was written.

She added, “I tried to focus on his emotions. With a one-sided crush, you can feel inferior, but if you really like the person in front and want to be considerate of them, I think you have to. knowing when to step back. I think NJ was good at that.

Another notable aspect of NJ’s role was styling, with Noh Jung Ui having to bleach his hair for the first time. She commented, “I worked really hard to be able to stand out with a diverse style. There is a limit to portraying the aura of a prominent idol while acting alone. That’s why I tried my best to try new things and express it through its appearance.

Noh Jung Ui also shared, “I had a lot of worries because I had never bleached my hair before, so I was grateful when viewers said it suited me well. However, since it wouldn’t make sense in the drama if my roots had grown out, I had to bleach my hair every two weeks. My hair kept breaking, so I could feel a little of the pain that idols go through.

At the end of the drama, NJ visits Choi Woong’s exhibit and suggests they be friends. Although his character ultimately doesn’t get what he wants, Noh Jung Ui expressed his satisfaction with the ending. She commented, “Honestly, it’s a bit unfortunate as an NJ, but since I’m an audience member, it’s an ending I appreciate from a viewer’s perspective. I think NJ and Choi Woong staying friends is a good ending, and I think NJ was able to grow because of Woong.

The actress also discussed her chemistry with Choi Woo Shik. “It was so good. I had so much fun. Honestly, I didn’t have as many scenes with him as I thought, which was a little disappointing. If we work together again for a different project, I think that we’ll feel more comfortable and friendlier. NJ never crossed the line by speaking to him formally from start to finish,” she said with a laugh.

Noh Jung Ui cast Choi Woo Shik as the mood setter and explained, “He joked not only to the actor he was working with, but also to all of the staff members, making everyone laugh. He grabbed the smallest things and made jokes about them. I was fascinated and thought to myself, “How can one develop such a mind? Because he made our set so enjoyable, I was grateful but also sorry. He also must have been exhausted and struggling, so I was very grateful that he did his best to create a fun atmosphere on set.

Aside from NJ, all of the characters in “My Beloved Summer” had relatively steady careers, which made her stand out. Noh Jung Ui commented, “Before I received the full script, I was also worried at first. But once I saw the full picture, I thought it showed how people from seemingly different worlds can look different but still have the same loneliness, worries, and fear inside them. I liked that it showed how people with the same pain come together in different areas for comfort and growth. I have done my best to portray these aspects realistically.

Since she was the youngest cast member, Noh Jung Ui shared that everyone helped her a lot. “I had a lot of worries and I struggled but everyone encouraged me and gave me courage. After watching the premiere, I was upset that there were parts of my acting that had disappointed me. Woo Shik said to me, “You just have to accept these things like that, and how about talking with the director about things like that?” this, I was able to act with a lighter heart.

For genres she wants to try next, Noh Jung Ui surprisingly replied, “Our beloved summer.” She explained, “I really like it as a viewer and as a fan. I want to try realistic romance like Yeon Soo and Woong. Oh, but it has to be mutual.

Regarding his plans for the future, Noh Jung Ui shared, “The first thing on my mind is to greet everyone with good news as soon as possible. I want to work harder to showcase better acting in a good project. I also want to be healthy this year. I hope everyone will remember me and remember me.

In addition to acting, Noh Jung Ui expressed his sincere desire to appear on variety shows. She exclaimed, “Please, please, I really want to try variety shows. I want some [program] to contact me.” She joked, “Can’t you title this article, ‘Variety Show Noh Jung Ui?’ I hope that I will also be given an opportunity.

She continued, “I really, really love all variety shows. It’s so hard to choose, but ever since I was younger, I really wanted to come out on ‘Running Man.’ do it well. It’s my dream to appear only once. I also want to appear on “Ask us anything”, and I want to try [shows] that capture my daily life.

Much like how her character NJ celebrated her 10th birthday, Noh Jung Ui has also been active in the entertainment industry for over 10 years after debuting as a child actress. She commented, “My love for acting has been the same since I was younger, but I think the mindset through which I look at scripts and characters has changed.”

Noh Jung Ui explained, “When I was younger, I wasn’t good at analyzing the project or creating my character, so following the director’s advice to express myself came first. Now I analyze for myself, and I find the creative process [my character] with the director for being so fun. When I see myself enjoying and finding happiness in this process, I realize that I have changed a little.

Finally, the actress commented, “In the future, I want to become an actress who always presents new and improved acting. I want to work even harder to introduce viewers to another kind of healing with a good project.

Watch Noh Jung Ui in His 2020 Drama”18 Again” below!

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