Northampton man breaks target and raises £ 15,000 for homeless people as he travels thousands of miles

A man from Northampton raised £ 15,000 for a homeless charity by traveling thousands of miles in 2021.

Gary Herbert, 44, completed his challenge of running 2021 miles in 2021 for the Northampton Hope Center on Friday, December 17.

It took Gary a whole year to rise to the challenge. He crossed the finish line after running a total of 308 hours, almost two full weeks of racing.

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Big thumbs up to Gary!

Gary said: “It was just the hardest thing I have ever done, it was physically, mentally and emotionally draining and my body was in pieces for most of the year.

“I felt extremely moved when I completed the challenge at Hope Center as the staff and some of the service users were there at the finish line cheering me on.

“It was very special and a moment that I will never forget.”

Gary was hoping to break through the £ 3,000 mark, but actually completed the £ 12,000 challenge above his target. Gary is amazed at what he managed to raise for the Northampton Hope Center

He added: “It’s absolutely amazing. I still can’t get over everyone’s incredible generosity and, to be honest, it still hasn’t really leaked out.

“I feel so lucky and truly blessed to have received such incredible support and generosity throughout 2021.”

After taking on such an extreme challenge, Gary said his body and mind needed a little rest from the pressure and the relentless, extreme nature.

Gary will be resting from his fundraising efforts for a few years. However, in his words “never say never” to another challenge.

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