Officials react to track and field “injustice”

Athletes in Monday’s track and field events suffered horrific conditions after a downpour at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo. (Getty Images)

Tokyo officials faced backlash after the track and field events took place in torrential rain at the Olympic Stadium.

Remarkable images of Tokyo broadcast around the world on Monday evening after a number of sporting events, including the women’s hurdles, pole vault and discus took place in the pouring rain.

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The first event delayed due to torrential rain was the women’s disc.

Unfortunately, a number of athletes were hit by the rain before the disc was postponed.

Portuguese athlete Liliana Cá was just an athlete to slip on her attempt.

Future gold medalist American athlete Valarie Allman was seen with a number of competitors sitting in the shelter as the rain fell.

Fans called on officials to intervene after smelling the athletes wet.

The discus throwers had worked for five years to reach the Olympics only to encounter another hurdle in the final.

While the discus event was delayed, as officials struggled to dry out the technical area, the 400m hurdles took place.

Wild photos of athletes running and jumping in the downpour have been taken around the world.

Denmark’s Sara Slott Petersen cleared an obstacle before tripping and falling in the rain.

Fans demand postponement of Olympics in torrential rain

The image of her in despair, lying on the track in the pouring rain, prompted many people to call out to Olympic officials for not having interrupted the competition in “dangerous” conditions.

There have already been complaints from several athletes at midday events, despite the excessive heat and humidity.

The hot conditions in which tennis players were forced to compete in the The Tokyo Olympics spark controversy after Paula Badosa got out of her tennis match and Daniil Medvedev claimed he felt he could “die” on the pitch.

Medvedev, along with Novak Djokovic, has been one of the outspoken critics of the practice of tennis schedule later in the day as temperatures soar above 31 degrees Celsius in Tokyo, accompanied by sweltering humidity.

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