Poland Conference Center, two-time district champion named ‘Student Athlete of the Week’

POLAND, Ohio (WKBN) — In her senior season in high school, Polish senior Morgan Kluchar aims to add as many plaques to the gym wall as possible.

“Our coach always preached to us that you haven’t accomplished anything unless you put a plaque on that board, so that’s what we’re looking for ultimately,” Kluchar said.

Kluchar and the Bulldogs basketball team already have quite a few. Kluchar is currently a four-time conference champion, three-time section champion and two-time district champion. She was also a regional finalist in first year. This season, the center and all-conference first-team captain helped lead the Bulldogs 18-4 to Saturday’s section final.

“Really happy with how the season is going so far,” Kluchar said. “I think we had some really big games and some really good wins and some really good losses that we learned a lot from.”

Kluchar also plays volleyball for the Bulldogs. The four-year-old starting midfielder and starter was an honorable mention in every district in her sophomore, junior and senior years.

In class, Kluchar takes many college courses and boasts a 3.9 GPA.

“I always try to balance sports and school, even in bus journeys I will do school work going to an away game,” she added. “I’ve always put school first and maintained my grades over the years.”

Kluchar is a member of the National Honor Society and student council treasurer. She is also in the Spanish club and was on the prom field. Over the past four years, Kluchar has accumulated over 100 volunteer hours.

“The most rewarding thing is seeing the pleasure other people derive from what you do for them,” she said.
“So just being able to volunteer and being able to give of my time is so valuable to me.”

Kluchar is still deciding which college to attend, but in the meantime, she soaks up every second of her senior season in high school.

“I have enjoyed the past four years so much. All the people I’ve met, the teammates, the coaches who have had such an impact on me in my career. I had so much fun through it all, she said.

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