Predicting the end of the Florida State early signing period

Florida State’s coaching staff have worked hard throughout the 2022 recruiting cycle as they seek to add top talent to a young roster. With the early signing period starting on Wednesday, we take a look at the rookies on the board and predict where we think they will land.

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Despite the top-down season the Seminoles enjoyed in 2021, they sit just outside the top 10 in the scouting table at 11th place. With several elite players remaining on the board for the ‘Noles, there is a legitimate chance that FSU could finish in the top 10 and possibly clinch the ACC’s top class for 2022.

Travis Hunter, Sam McCall, AJ Duffy and the rest of the 2022 class are expected to sign early with up to 12 first registrants. These projections strictly indicate who is not engaged, minus an FSU engagement that appears to have doubts.

– Defensive end Marvin Jones Jr.

Nate Greer: Going into this cycle, I said this is the most important recruiting for this staff. Not to mention the legacy part, Jones is one of the real elite game changers along the 2022 Class defensive line. He plays a major need position and he can help FSU this coming season. Oklahoma had a huge push before Lincoln Riley went to USC, Alabama is Alabama, but I think the program’s progression, the defense game is ending this year and the family ties. help FSU win a close battle with Alabama.

Dustin Lewis: Jones Jr. has long been the state of Florida’s primary unengaged target. Their ties to the Seminoles run deep and this team needs an elite defensive end who can mitigate the loss of Jermaine Johnson and Keir Thomas in 2022. It’s tough, I was recently feeling Florida State versus Alabama but I think the visit to Georgia changed something. For now, I’m leaving with the Bulldogs behind FSU and Alabama, but that could change by morning with how that recruiting has gone.

– Security Kamari Wilson

NG: The state of Florida went back and forth at first, but they’ve grown strong since visiting for the Miami game. Georgia has long been the projection with the best security in the country. Behind the scenes there are people in Wilson’s camp who love FSU and what they have to offer. Wilson’s landing in the FSU would be a headline and a stunner. They’ve worked hard in this recruiting, and there’s a better chance FSU can do it than people think, but Georgia is the choice.

DL: I don’t think Kamari Wilson at Florida State is as realistic as some people think he is. He’s been looking at Georgia for quite some time and, in my opinion, is building some drama ahead of his eventual engagement. The staff have done a good job here, but are heading to Athens on Wednesday.

– Wide receiver Kevin Coleman

NG: I have been comfortable with where FSU is since the summer. The crazy midnight visit made me feel even more comfortable. Coleman entertained several other programs, primarily Oregon. Coleman is looking for immediate playing time and it’s something FSU offers better than anyone. Go with FSU here.

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DL: It’s a difficult question. The state of Florida has deep connections and consistency, Oregon has the Dream School Factor, and Miami has Manny Cristobal and got the last official visit. This one descends in the state of Florida and in Miami after the changes of Oregon. The Hurricanes had a late push but I don’t know if that will be enough. I’m leaning towards the state of Florida right now.

– Athlete Kendrick Law

NG: Another high profile recruit that FSU has done a great job recruiting, Law has enjoyed his visit to FSU and gets along very well with the staff. It appears to be an LSU, Alabama, and FSU battle. When LSU fired Ed Orgeron, there was some belief that they would be taken out of consideration. Brian Kelly was a big recruit, however. He could excel on either side of the ball at any of those schools. I’m going to LSU near Alabama.

DL: Florida State did enough to stay in this recruiting but not enough to win it. I see Law decide to stay home to play for LSU. It seems that hiring Brian Kelly was enough to keep him in the fold.

– Athlete Azareyeh Thomas

NG: Kudos to the staff for staying on Thomas. While in the background nurturing relationships with Thomas, other programs were going through coaching changes. LSU, Florida, and Oklahoma were all ahead of FSU at one point, but that’s how recruiting goes. After a nice official visit, it looks like FSU is winning. I’m going with FSU for this talented security target.

DL: That’s why you always keep recruiting regardless of how things look. Thomas was heading to Florida, LSU and Georgia Tech before changing coaches in all three programs. This opened the door for the state of Florida as a legitimate option to land Thomas. After his official visit over the weekend, I think the Seminoles are adding Thomas to a defensive field that includes Travis Hunter and Sam McCall.

– Defensive back Earl Little Jr

NG: Like I said on the podcast last week, I’m really torn here. Little Jr has a great relationship with the coaches and FSU engagements. He adapts that defensive back nickel to a “T” for FSU. He has visited several times and his family has been more impressed with each visit. Alabama was the other lineup here and they’re the favorites to land Little Jr. We think Tide is waiting for Domani Jackson to make his decision, but I think they’re getting Earl into a very, very close battle. Little Jr choosing FSU wouldn’t come as a shock.

DL: Florida State has done an outstanding job in recruiting it from start to finish and will likely end up as a finalist close to Alabama. The coaching staff won over his family despite Little Jr. having ties to Miami through his father. That said, he’s been in love with Alabama for a long time and as long as he has a place with the Tide, that’s where I see him end up.

– West defensive tackle tire

NG: Georgia’s long-standing engagement has been flirting with FSU for some time now. The hires of Ryan Bartow and Kenyatta Watson have helped a lot here. There isn’t much to say about this one that hasn’t already been said. I go with the flip to FSU. It would be a shock if he stayed with the Bulldogs.

DL: While West is attached to Georgia, there’s very little chance he’ll end up with the Bulldogs on early signing day. The main competitors to return it are the state of Florida and Tennessee. He has been to Tallahassee twice in recent weeks and officially visited Tennessee this weekend. I go to the state of Florida in this one. As Nate mentioned, hiring Watson has paid off very well here with Odell Haggins.

– Offensive lineman Julian Armella

NG: Like Jones Jr, Armella has been a highly coveted rookie for the FSU and its fans because of both his heritage and his necessary role. Armella played things close to the waistcoat throughout her recruiting. FSU seemed to lag behind the others until he showed up for the Midnight Madness visit. Since then, the tide has turned in FSU’s favor. FSU takes down the aggressive and versatile lineman.

DL: In my opinion, that’s another example of a coaching change helping the state of Florida. Despite being a legacy, Armella was apparently heading to LSU before Coach Orgeron was let go. Since then, the Seminoles have seen a resurgence in their recruiting as offensive line coach Alex Atkins once again blew them out of the park. FSU unloads Armella to add to a formidable class of offensive line.

– Defensive end Nyjalik Kelly

NG: Kelly, once engaged in FSU, will choose between FSU and Miami. After the Notre Dame game, it was believed that FSU had done enough on this visit to bring Kelly back to the classroom. He’s been to Miami a few times and this one is a close battle. There is pressure to stay close to home and I think Miami wins in the end.

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DL: The state of Florida has been working hard to get Kelly back into the fold since her disengagement in the spring. They have been arguing with Miami and Oregon for a while in this recruitment. With Cristobal now at Coral Gables, I think Kelly is accompanying the Hurricanes over the state of Florida.

– Linebacker Wesley Bissainthe

NG: I think the news of a late push with the change from coach to linebacker would have been better served quietly. Once this news broke, Miami was over, forcing Wesley to visit her last weekend. There are a few moving parts here that keep FSU in the game. I’m leaving with Miami, though. This recruitment is not over until he has signed.

DL: Bissainthe was in Miami this weekend and made a commitment to the Hurricanes despite Manny Diaz being halfway through the gate. Once again, Florida State has done all they can and the need for a linebacker is obvious. Bissainthe keeps his promise and signs with Miami.

– Running back Jovante Barnes

NG: FSU is firmly committed to recruiting one of the best running backs of the 2022 class. Barnes is a tempting prospect because he fits the mold of Antonio Gibson. Oklahoma would have been the choice if Riley hadn’t left for USC. Now there is some uncertainty that could bode well for FSU as Kenny Dillingham did a great job recruiting Barnes. I will always go with Oklahoma because of the closeness and their hiring of coaches.

DL: Oklahoma was the sure-fire favorite before Lincoln Riley went to USC. This gave the State of Florida a window to land Barnes, but I’m not sure if that will be enough. I will go with Barnes to Oklahoma because he has a great relationship with DeMarco Murray.

– Large receiver and engagement FSU Devaughn Mortimer

NG: Mortimer has had a great senior season which has helped him secure top-notch rookie status. West Virginia and Louisville have been working on Mortimer for some time now and he visited both campuses this month. A single-use lock now appears to wobble strongly. I’m very close to picking a flip in Louisville that would cripple FSU’s wide receiver class, but I think the relationships and childhood dream of playing for FSU wins out.

DL: West Virginia and Louisville have been pushing for Mortimer to drop his engagement with the state of Florida. He has visited both schools in recent weeks and has just completed a trip to Louisville. Florida State needs a wide receiver and has been on Mortimer since the start of the year. I see him sticking to his pledge.

– Defensive back JUCO DeCarlos Nicholson

NG: Nicholson enlisted in Kentucky a few months ago, but he also visited FSU and the state of Mississippi. FSU likes Nicholson’s length and athleticism as there are some holes to fill in the corner. The state of Mississippi, however, brings it closely above the FSU and Kentucky.

DL: Florida State has a legitimate opportunity to land Nicholson, but I wonder if they’ll push for a fourth defensive back with Thomas expected to join the class. Coaching staff are still reviewing the transfer portal options and could move on to pursue a JUCO. we’ll see right away

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