Returnal finally adds a “suspend” function to allow you to pause the game halfway through

ReturnUpdate 2.0 released today, bringing two of the most requested features for Housemarque’s extremely difficult sci-fi roguelike: the ability to pause the game in the middle of a race without losing progress, and a photo mode to capture all of the most breathtaking visuals in the game. ‘Atropos.

The lack of a suspension mode was one of the biggest blows against the otherwise well-received title. An average race Return can easily take over 45 minutes and had to be completed in one game session. Players were unable to conclude Return and come back to a run later, and if the console were accidentally turned off or out of power, you’d lose all of your hard-earned progress.

The new “Suspend Cycle” mode aims to solve this problem. It’s not a traditional save mode – you won’t be able to get away from bad decisions or bad luck – but it will allow players to create a single point of suspension, exit the game, and return to where they are. gone. There are also some limitations: you won’t be able to create an ellipsis during boss fights, cutscenes, any of the Returnfirst-person footage of, or when players are in the thick of the fight, but even with these caveats, it’s a must-have addition to the game.

As Housemarque Game Director Harry Krueger explains, “With this approach, we can keep the roguelike spirit and ‘high stakes’ commitment to your race alive, while providing a convenient quality of life for players who enjoy playing. do the experience Return in shorter bursts.

ReturnThe new update also adds a photo mode, which will allow players to pause the game at any time, move around the frozen environment, and snap a photo at the exact moment they want. ReturnPhoto mode also offers more advanced options, the ability to adjust things like focal length, aperture, saturation and contrast of your shot, swapping out different light sources and, of course, different. filters.

Returnupdate 2.0 is rolling out today for the PlayStation 5.

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