RFOX Media Introduces Play-to-Eat Gaming Model in Myanmar

MANILA, Philippines, September 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – RFOX Media, a Southeast Asian subsidiary based RedFOX Laboratories, launched RFOX Run, a new casual jump-and-run game in Myanmar, powered by a prolific tournament play platform Goama. RFOX Run introduces a new in-game rewards model called Play-to-Eat, an innovation of the increasingly popular Play-to-Earn model, where players identified as winners and who have signed up for an RFOX ID can redeem rewards. food vouchers from foodpanda, Myanmar’s premier food delivery service.

At RedFOX Labs, we believe blockchain companies have a responsibility to explore humanitarian approaches to the innovations they produce. Through our Play-to-Eat model, we believe RFOX Run users will reap the dual benefits of food rewards and blockchain education, providing them with both immediate and long-term solutions.

Top RFOX Run players can claim their prizes through the RFOX Media website by registering for an RFOX ID. Winners will receive redeemable foodpanda vouchers with a unique voucher ID and have their choice of food delivered to their doorstep. To launch the campaign, RFOX Media allocated $ 22,000 in vouchers as a reward.

The global game-to-win market, mostly driven by blockchain-based companies, has grown exponentially this year, with a total market cap of $ 9.21 billion and average growth rates since the start of the year. year of 1,604.12%, according to CoinMarketCap analysis. data on 36 identified play-to-earn companies. In a broader perspective, the video game industry is currently valued at around $ 170 billion and is expected to reach $ 268 billion after five years, according to CoinTelegraph.

In this context, RFOX Media can become a key player in the high growth gaming market to win through RFOX Run. Its unique approach to encouraging further adoption through game models and other models reflects RedFOX Labs’ efforts to bolster blockchain-related growth in Southeast Asia. RedFOX Labs also operates RedFOX Games, which currently runs the KOGs Slam! NFT game on closed beta testing, with other products about to launch.

Earlier this month, RFOX Media and Goama entered into a partnership to launch RFOX Run in Myanmar, with plans to expand the relationship across the Southeast Asian region. This collaboration brings together an audience of over 20 million Southeast Asian residents and aims to serve Myanmar’s largely untapped gaming market.

Ben Fairbank, CEO and Co-Founder of RedFOX Labs commented:
“Just weeks after the revelation of the partnership between RFOX Media and Goama, I am pleased to see that it has delivered innovative results thanks to the new RFOX Run game and the first Play-to-Eat model of its kind in Myanmar. The Myanmar market is still so young, with a lot of potential, and thanks to this collaboration, we quickly released a new casual game that has the added benefit of rewarding top players with food. We look forward to serving millions of people in Myanmar with innovative gaming solutions like this, among other things that we plan to launch in the future for the country.

Wayne Kennedy, CPO and Co-Founder of Goama said:
“At Goama, we are very happy to be working with RedFOX Labs to be the first to bring both NFTs and tournament prizes to Myanmar! for creating RFOX Run, where users can compete for first place and at the same time be rewarded with food vouchers!

About RedFOX Labs
RedFOX Labs is a Southeast Asian business creator that identifies and builds successful business models for emerging markets in the region. It focuses on unleashing the true market value of Southeast Asia’s digital economy for high-demand consumer services such as e-commerce, electronic media, e-travel, and sports / games. and focuses on adding value to the digital economy using emerging technologies. like blockchain. As a company, its value is exchangeable via its native token ($ RFOX).

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About foodpanda
foodpanda is a leading delivery platform in Asia dedicated to bringing consumers a wide range of food, groceries and more, quickly and easily. Powered by technology and operational excellence, foodpanda is spearheading rapid commerce (q-commerce) growth in the region with its network of retail partners, as well as pandamart cloud stores to offer more ‘on-demand options beyond millions of food delivery. option. foodpanda operates in more than 400 cities in 12 markets in Asia – Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Japan. foodpanda is a subsidiary of Delivery Hero, a global leader in the food delivery industry. www.foodpanda.com

About Goama
Goama is a leader in platform gamification, setting the benchmark for digital innovation and user engagement, working with some of the world’s largest superapps and brands. Its turnkey solution offers a plug and play platform that creates unique gamified experiences that enable its business partners to build engaged communities. Goama has partnered with leading apps in over 24 countries to help them drive user engagement, increase monetization opportunities, and acquire new users. https://goama.com

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