Speed ​​City Tour with Jet Sports Training in Arizona, a successful potential annual event

Bobby Rodriguez watches one of the sprinters at Speed ​​City Tour Camp at Bear Down Field on Saturday (pictured Jet Sports Training)

At least 60 youngsters took part in the Speed ​​City Tour Camp, produced by Universal Speed ​​Rating and Jet Sports Training, at Bear Down Field on Saturday, and organizers came back wanting to schedule more such events there. ‘coming.

“This tour is gaining momentum with many athletes – it’s turned into a great show here,” said the owner of Jet Sports Training. Bobby Rodriguez said. “I’m pretty sure next year we’ll have double that. The most important thing is the children who have been evaluated, hopefully the number will be better in a year.

The camp was made up of athletes mostly between the ages of 12 and 18 who participated in running techniques and skill drills taught by The Spellmansan elite speed coach who has trained NFL and USA rugby players, Olympians, NCAA athletes, as well as high school and youth youth in a variety of sports.

All participants received a verified Universal Speed ​​Rating from Spellman and Speed ​​Coaches Ciara Murray and Jevaughn Pinnockand a free six-week speed program based on the runner’s results at camp.

CDO’s class of 2024 standout lineman Sa’Kylee Woodard was one of the participants. He posted on Twitter that he was clocked at 18.75 miles per hour, which “isn’t too shabby,” he tweeted, for a prospect who has a formidable 6-foot-4 frame and 285 pounds.

“I’d like to say the experience was good,” Woodard said. “I say good because I was coached by some of the best speed coaches in the country – people who coached the best of the best athletes on a daily basis. The environment that was created was amazing as well as the intensity of the training.

“We definitely followed him. Being the only big man among many skilled athletes made me work even harder. It was super hot, but like I said, the intensity kind of accounted for that. Overall, I know that after camp ended, I improved in many ways and now I have tools to use to help me move forward.

The next stop on the Speed ​​City Tour is in Chicago on June 25. Upcoming events are scheduled for Vancouver (July 9), Cincinnati (July 16) and Baltimore (July 23).

“What we were trying to measure was how fast the kids are actually going,” said Rodriguez, a former Sunnyside and Arizona football player. “We tested them on the 40-yard dash and also their miles per hour. We could see how fast each athlete was running at their top speed.

“They all left with numbers and now we can give them an assessment and a program to improve their times overall.”

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