Student-athletes in men’s and women’s track and field, volleyball, men’s hockey and women’s lacrosse earn academic honors

Several student-athletes shared how they manage training and competition on their respective teams while achieving good results in the classroom.

by Lanie Everett | 07/29/22 02:00

Student-athletes in men’s hockey, track and field, volleyball and women’s lacrosse received various academic recognition awards last week. As students balance work, life and play differently, many shared that they rely on their coaches and each other to succeed.

men’s hockey

Last Wednesday, Mark Gallant ’23, Tyler Campbell ’23 and Steven Townley ’25 received All-American Scholar honors from the Krampade American Hockey Coaches Association for the senior year of college. All three hockey players received the honor by maintaining a 3.75 GPA each semester while appearing in 40% of college games for the season.

Townley said in his freshman season, he quickly got used to practicing an effective routine.

“It’s pretty much about going to your workout, going to work out, eating, then going straight to the library and starting studying until bedtime,” Townley said. .

Gallant — two-time recipient of the award — said he relies on his time management skills to balance playing hockey with performing well in his classes. Gallant added that he believes hockey helps him get into a solid routine that increases his overall productivity.

“Honestly, having hockey [at Dartmouth] gives me a level of discipline because it gives me structure and allows me to focus more than I would if I wasn’t playing hockey, Gallant said. “I feed off hockey and allow it to force me to manage my time.

Both Townley and Gallant noted older teammates and coaches supporting them on and off the ice.

“[The coaches] Always check with us to make sure we’re at the top of our classes — like what older guys will do if they see someone in trouble,” Gallant said.


The men’s and women’s track and field teams were honored Wednesday as 2022 varsity teams by the US Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association. Although the award requires each member to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, the Big Green women’s athletics had a GPA of 3.504 for all members while the men’s athletics achieved a GPA of 3.494. These ratings place both men’s and women’s athletics fourth among Ivy League schools.

Track team member and 2022 USTFCCCCA All-American award winner Julia Fenerty ’23 says that when she’s off season, she feels motivated to focus more on her lessons. because she doesn’t have rigorous training every day. During the season, Fenerty said track workouts provided a nice break from homework time and allowed him to return to work with a new mindset.

“When we go to training it only takes a few hours a day, but during those hours you’re so focused on it that it’s nice to have a full break from whatever’s stressing you out with your job,” said Fenerty. “It helps you organize [your day] a bit more.”

Alongside Fenerty, Lily Lockhart ’21 and Anoush Krafian ’23 also earned 2022 All-American honor on the women’s track and field team. To earn this award, athletes must have achieved a GPA of 3.25 or higher while simultaneously placing in the top 96 in an individual event, competing in the NCAA DI Outdoor Championships, or finishing ranked in the top 48 for Institutions Eastern academics. From the men’s track and field team, Jake Dalton ’23, Karl-Oskar Pajus ’25 and Myles Schreck ’22 were recognized as 2022 USA Athletes.

Fenerty said her teammates help her succeed on the track as well as in the classroom by holding each other accountable to stay on top of such a demanding schedule.

“If you leave training and have to work, it’s much better to go with a group of friends who just went through the same thing you did in training and are just as tired,” said Fenerty.


Last Monday, Big Green Volleyball received the United States Marine Corps Team Academic Award and the American Volleyball Coaches Association. The team averaged 3.567 GPA throughout the year and finished strong with a 3.702 GPA for the spring.

Volleyball team co-captain Karen Murphy ’24 said academic and athletic priorities are valued on the volleyball team. According to Murphy, each team member plans their week using an online calendar or agenda, and team members and the coach share a mass calendar to plan practices and events. meetings based on the availability of team members. Although Murphy said she has limited free time, she said it’s also important to take time for self-care.

“We’re student-athletes and the student comes first, but volleyball comes very close to that,” Murphy said. “It’s a huge time commitment, and you have to learn how to manage that.”

Volleyball head coach Gilad Doron said he is determined to lead his team to success on the court as well as in the classroom, adding that he understands his athletes are also students at Dartmouth to learn.

“We always have these discussions about what excellence means at Dartmouth. You are an excellent student and you came here because you have to be. Coach Doron said. “I’m really proud of the job they’ve done.”

Women’s Lacrosse

Most recently, five members of the women’s lacrosse team earned a spot on the 2022 Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association Division I Academic Honor Roll. Annika Begley ’22, Anna Griffith ’22, Adrie Luster ’22, Nina Nesselbush ’23, and Jazmyne Ward ’22 earned this distinction as juniors or seniors with at least a 3.5 GPA.

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