Suzy Hamilton – The story of an Olympic runner who resorted to prostitution

We are all familiar with sporting success stories, stories where an athlete comes out of poverty by making his dream come true. But what happens when there is no success to keep up with hard work? What happens to the athlete who can achieve that glory that is promised to him after hard work?

Where is all this pent-up angst going? What outlet is there for this frustration? When something you’ve given your whole life doesn’t go as planned, it can’t be easy to move on and start from scratch.

The story of Suzy Favor Hamilton, who grew from an Olympic runner to a high-end escort, is the story of a fallen athlete floundering to find her way.

In 2011, Suzy Hamilton was a famous, conventionally beautiful middle distance runner; she had represented the United States three times at the Olympic Track and Field Games, she had contracts with Nike and promotional work for Walt Disney and a loving husband and young daughter. Then The Smoking Gun came out with a story, reading “US Olympian’s Secret Life as Las Vegas Escort”, which changed the world’s perception of her.

She had worked as an escort for a year in Las Vegas and conceded to the website that this was a “huge mistake” on her part. However, she sticks to that opinion.

As a result, she lost her sponsorships and her name was posted on various news sites, and a book deal resulted. Hamilton didn’t sound as sorry in the book as she looked in the website interview.

Her memoir, Fast Girl: Running from Madness, instead of appearing to apologize for missing her young daughter, reads like erotica in parts, as she goes on to give detailed dating descriptions. particular she has had with her clients.


She had led a comfortable life being the youngest of 5 siblings in Stevens Point, Wisconsin and discovered her talent for racing at age 9. She attended the University of Wisconsin on a full running scholarship and met her future husband Mark there.

Upon graduation, she had a five-figure contract with Reebok for the next six years. In the spring of 1992, she participated in the Olympic trials and wrote for the magazines Olympian, Vogue, Elle and Rolling Stone. By her admission, she loved the attention.

The relationship with her family eventually got complicated and running became an escape for her. His relationship with his older brother Dan, who suffered from bipolar disorder, deteriorated further and when he committed suicide by jumping out of a building, showing up for the funeral before flying to Albany for a promotional event. Eventually, her sisters cut her off from their life.

She competed in the Olympics three times in 1992, 1996 and 2000, but never won a medal, but was the center of attention when she infamously faked an injury in her last Olympic race. As she later told the BBC, once two runners passed her she thought, “These two girls took my dream and my life. I remember thinking, ‘I can’t win this race – that’s not how I planned it. “

Speaking to the media after her last appearance, she blamed the death of her friend, her brother and the pressure of her million dollar contract with Nike as the reasons for her failure; however, in her memoir, she claims that a “broken ischium bone … contributed to my downfall”. His career was practically over. However, it remained to be seen if she could live with the pomp and glamor.

The final fall

She quickly became bored of the life of an ordinary Wisconsin suburbanite, and her marriage was strained as her husband struggled to deal with his sense of entitlement.

To relive the tension of their marriage, for their 20th wedding anniversary, she persuaded her husband to have a threesome in Las Vegas. Although doubtful, he finally agreed, and they hired a female escort for the night when Suzy realized how easy it would be to make money like that; she wanted it to be her life like this from then on.

She found her life “boring and stale” once they returned. A week later, she told her husband that she would return to Vegas, this time alone, to hire a male escort. Although Mark was “visibly shaken,” he followed his plan. Sex replaced the runner’s high for her.

Within a month, her new life in Vegas had consumed her, she was making money, shopping with clients and Mark and their daughter had all but ceased to exist. The escort they spent their first night with introduced her to one of the Vegas Premier Madames, and she hasn’t had to look back since.

She had adopted a new character to keep her identity anonymous, and she had practically become that other version of herself. She obsessively checked her ranking on Erotic Review and was ranked # 2 in no time. She would visit clients or take advantage of business trips, such as an appearance in September 2011 at the Disney Exhibit Hall, as dating opportunities.

Soon she lived in Vegas full time, and their daughter Kylie and Mark were only allowed to visit her. Then in December a reporter found out who she was and showed up in Vegas and that was the end of that part of her life.

Favor Hamilton now lives with Mark and Kylie in California, where she works as a yoga instructor. She says he has helped her reach “deep in my soul” to deal with her mental illness, that he has helped her avoid “my triggers” and that her double life as a sex worker is. entirely due to his bipolar disorder.

However, she firmly asserts that she is not ashamed of the life she has led writing, “I cannot claim to be ashamed of having done something that I don’t think is wrong.”

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