The athletics referendum will be on the Scarborough ballot

SCARBOROUGH – Ahead of the Nov. 2 election, staff at the City and Public Schools of Scarborough hope to engage with the public on the referendum question which asks voters to approve up to $ 1.9 million for a new athletics field.

The turf field is now eight years older than its life expectancy, given the wear and tear and the risk of closure for safety reasons, said Mike LeGage, director of athletic and student activities for Scarborough Public Schools.

In 2019, voters were asked to approve up to $ 1.6 million for the track and turf replacement, he said. The number was eventually lowered to $ 1.2 million after negotiations with suppliers, but Scarborough voters did not approve the project.

If approved by voters in November, the project could begin in the spring of 2022, LeGage said.

“We would like the project to be completed in the spring and have the facilities ready for the fall high school sports season,” he said.

Community Services Director Todd Souza said the city will answer questions from the public and communicate the needs of the facility until the election. During the week of October 11, the city organized tours of the facility.

Track and field continues to be heavily used, said LeGage.

Negotiations with suppliers could mean the cost could be less than $ 1.9 million, he said.

“I certainly believe we will have some work ahead of us to conduct these negotiations and get the best possible price and put that money to good use,” LeGage said. “Our goal would definitely not be to go beyond that, so we’ll have to work within our framework there. As everyone knows, the costs of things have just skyrocketed, so it’s significantly different from what it was when we were looking at things in 2019. ”

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