The biggest fixes Rollerdrome needs

rollerdrome isn’t a smash hit like some other indie games this year, but it’s doing well with reviews. There’s a lot to praise about the experience, including the art style. The design is apparently inspired by 70s and 80s movies centered around death games. The running man is in any case a good example to mention.

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There are tons of indie games with cel-shaded graphics like this, but rollerdrome manages to rise up and create its own little niche. The gameplay idea is also worth praising as it combines skating games with something akin to Fortnite. As fun as the game is right now, it could also use a few tweaks in a future patch or two.


seven Add multiplayer

There are several ways multiplayer could do rollerdrome better. The first goes through a versus deathmatch mode. The overarching narrative centers on the heroine, Kara, taking down waves of competitors in a game of death. Adding online players would be like a new take on the Battle Royale genre and would make sense in the context of the game world. The developers could additionally, or add a co-op mode. It could be fun to take on the campaign with a friend, even if it was just a robot and not a named character like Kara.

6 Requires photo mode

One of the best things about the game is its visuals. The cel-shaded art style is apparently inspired by movie poster art from the 70s and 80s and is stunning in 3D. The best part of the visuals is all the colorful explosions that can pop in battle. What’s shameful about all of this is that there’s no photo mode in the game.

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This seems odd because there is no multiplayer or online component, which is usually why developers are hesitant to include a photo mode. Whether multiplayer is added or not doesn’t matter as photo mode should be at the top of the list of fixes.

5 Add endless mode

If you add multiplayer to rollerdrome proves too difficult, so other offline modes would be nice to have. Since the game is based on a deathmatch type scenario, there should be something like a horde mode to tackle. Players could compete for high scores as they faced an endless wave of enemies.

The longer they survive, the higher their score can become. The game could even include rewards for high scores like cosmetic items. This idea also seems perfect for co-op, but again, if multiplayer is too difficult, surviving alone would be just as fun.

4 Skip Tutorial

The game is not that complex of an idea. It adds guns to a skating game like the Tony Hawk franchise. For those who have played a skating game before, these mechanics should feel right at home and the same goes for the shooting mechanics. The tutorials are nice to have for beginners and for those who need a refresher.

However, for veteran gamers, it may seem like a chore. There’s no way to ignore these segments either and they appear sporadically throughout the campaign. They’re not a huge pain to get through, but it would be nice to have the option to skip them.

3 Add Melee

Incredibly, there is no melee attack in this game. Even the greatest hardcore shooters love Call of Duty allowing players to fight enemies if they wish. All players have in rollerdrome now four guns. They’re all fun to use, from dual pistols to a harpoon-shaped sniper rifle.

However, giving players a melee option would expand the fight even further. Sometimes it’s nice to get a melee kill in a shooter because it can feel more visceral. Developers don’t need to add a robust combo system rivaling that of God of the war. A simple punch or slap from a pistol would suffice.

2 Firearms must use separate ammunition

As great as the four weapon choices are, there’s a problem besides the lack of melee. All four weapons use the same amount of ammo and the number of bullets is different for each round. For example, the grenade launcher includes two shots while the pistol has twelve.

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Using a shell from a large launcher will use half of the gun’s ammo. One of the best strategies to use in a shooter is to empty the magazine of one gun, then quickly switch to another gun to continue the bloody mayhem. Removing this option from players may seem odd to shooter veterans. That’s why a patch should solve this problem by separating these ammo types.

1 Add more costumes

Kara wears a red jumpsuit throughout the campaign. After the players have finished rollerdrome, they will unlock a new campaign that will take place one year later. Kara will wear a black jumpsuit instead as she takes part in remixed stages.

Giving her a new outfit is all well and good, but it would be better if players could customize Kara more easily from the start. A simple color menu would be a nice feature to have. Another idea would allow players to completely change their avatar, playing as one of the sniper-type assassins instead. This idea would make more sense in multiplayer, but it’s still worth mentioning in this section.

rollerdrome was released on August 16, 2022 and is available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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