The importance of the running game in the Seahawks offense exposed in Week 2 loss

When the Seahawks and Titans met in Week 2, it was a clash between two teams who showed they wanted to run the ball.

While Tennessee struggled on the ground early on, star fullback Derrick Henry ended up rushing for 182 yards and three touchdowns. For Seattle, the racing game never started. Fullback Chris Carson had two touchdowns but only totaled 31 yards on 13 carries during the day.

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The difficulties of the running game were even more glaring after the game due to the Seahawks’ offensive difficulties in the second half. Seattle entered the third quarter with a 24-9 lead, but Tennessee controlled the clock and called overtime at 30-30 before scoring a winning basket.

Former NFL quarterback jake pile highlighted the running game by examining why Seattle struggled so powerfully on offense in the second half of the team’s loss to Tennessee.

“I really believe it has to do with their first production going down,” he said in Monday’s edition of 710 ESPN Seattle’s Jake and Stacy. “They weren’t very good on the first try, which allowed them to create a lot of third and long thirds, which is not at all an advantageous situation. It really shows me that running play is so vital to (offensive coordinator) Shane Waldron and this offense.

In Week 1, Carson and the Seahawks had 140 rushing yards and were very balanced on offense. But Carson never faced the Titans, and after enjoying success in the air in the first two quarters of the game, quarterback Russell Wilson couldn’t find his guns so consistently in the second half. time.

“It allows everything else to open up,” Heaps said of the racing game. “I’ll be curious to see how they approach this development in terms not of how committed they are to the racing game, but in their style, in their own way because they haven’t deviated from their plan. They wanted to be in 12 people (one running back and two tight ends), they wanted to try to bring the ball down in their outside zone pattern. They didn’t deviate from it at all when it didn’t work out. “

When it came to running on the first down, Carson got 11 of his 13 carries on the low, and he rushed for just 2.6 yards per carry on the low.

“Not great,” Heaps said. “And everything else – the action game, the naked bootleg game, the screen game – it’s all based on the success of this racing game, especially on the first try.”

However, the running game wasn’t the only big issue Heaps had with the Seahawks in the third quarter attack at the end of the game.

“Plus, inappropriate plays. Looking third and -3 for that Seahawks attack and throwing a 50-50 ball at DK (Metcalf)? Heaps said. “DK is pretty special, but it’s not a high percentage game either. Isn’t there another game that could have been called up at this time that would have been better on the third and 3 at that time? “

There was also a major difference in how the offense looked before the snap between week 1 and week 2.

“There wasn’t as much movement,” Heaps said. “I didn’t see the same level of creativity that we saw in week 1, and that worried me.”

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