The Morning After… the Bears’ brutal loss to the Vikings in the season finale

The first half of the game was like Nagy’s first year with the Bears. There was excitement and anticipation for what was to come next. What happened next was like Nagy’s last three years with the Bears – a dumpster fire.

Andy Dalton has been in the NFL for over 10 years. He has probably been playing football for over 20 years. Yet somehow he doesn’t know that taking a sack in fourth place is a bad idea.

Three times in the first half, 4th and short, he lost a total of 35 yards. How is it possible? When it’s the 4th and the 1-yard line in the third quarter and you have Cairos Santos, why not hit it and make it a 17-10 game?

Why not hand it over to David Montgomery or throw in a QB sneak? Why do the coaching staff think the best play is for Andy Dalton to step back and be sacked for a 15-yard loss?

Speaking of Montgomery, have the Bears forgotten they can run the ball? Montgomery had seven races in the second half. To be fair, he only had 11 yards on those seven carries, but why not give him and Khalil Herbert the ball when you’re on your feet and bleeding the clock?

When I saw the shovel pass to Allen Robinson for a touchdown, it reminded me of the game the Chiefs used to play a lot for Travis Kelce. It was fun to watch Nagy use everything he had in his last Bears game.

But it would have been better to see a victory.

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