The rebirth of Xbox in Japan: how did you also play game pass?

In Japan, the Xbox Series X pairing | S continues to amaze me. Both next-gen consoles are getting good commercial response as Microsoft has the spot supplies.

Of course, with 269,000 units sold in total (144,000 Series S and 125,000 Series X) still very far from the PlayStation 5, which between the base model and the digital model placed 1.75 million parts in the Rising Sun, and the Switch family, which totals 25 million units, which Microsoft is also happy about, as X and S have already doubled the all-time Japanese lifecycle of the Xbox One. In June among others, the two consoles also became one of the highest rated models.

Xbox’s revival in Japan is the focus of the latest in-depth analysis of the current system by Windows Central’s Jez Corden, who tried to question whether he was the cause. The journalist believes that some of the credit can be attributed to the big investments made by Microsoft to push Japanese publishers like SEGA and Bandai Namco to join Xbox Game Pass (a move that also really impressed Western gamers). There is no information available on the number of subscribers in Japan (and the rest of the world), so the data does not support data for slack. On the other hand, it’s easy to enjoy games like Yakuza: Like a dragon, Danganrompa, Octopath Traveler, Dragon Quest XI, and Scarlet Nexus, all of which are included with Xbox Game Pass. Persona 5th Royal is coming in October and next year, and it also gets Persona 4th and 3rd personable. Microsoft hasn’t ignored all the smaller realities, bringing along even smaller productions such as Gunvolt 3 and Yvesi: The Hundred Heroes.

Game Pass isn’t the only thing catching Redmond’s eye. According to a report from Cordens, Xbox is also trying to push the boundaries of marketing. The local YouTube channel has been very active recently, with localized trailers and showcases tailored to Japanese tastes, and increased licensing deals with local influencers dedicated to promoting their products. Supporting this move is the expansion of the Japanese workforce with new workers committed to supporting the Xbox brand in the land of the rising sun.

In light of this, it will be interesting to follow the Xbox X | S in the coming months. Another consideration could be found from the source.

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