The stars shine brightly in Flagstaff – the Olympic stars, that is | Local

“A lot of teams that were planning to come next month were panicking because it was an important part of their preparation, the altitude training was ripped off, and they were wondering, ‘Are the Olympics even going to be held? “”

The Games did not take place, having been postponed to 2021. It was a blow to all athletes, of course, and even when some pandemic restrictions relaxed, travel was tricky and many federations decided to move away. don’t risk it. But other groups took the plunge and headed back to Flagstaff, including the Bowerman group – dominating last month’s Olympic trials – which featured 18 athletes, according to Anthony.

The Canadian squad has also made a comeback, including what distance coach Heather Hennigar called her “playoffs camp” from late June to mid-July.

Flagstaff on St. Moritz?

“We looked during the pandemic, when we couldn’t travel, for options in Canada, but they just don’t have the infrastructure at the altitude you need, between 6,000 and 8,000 feet,” he said. Hennigar said. “There are currently only two locations in the world – St. Moritz, which is a bit lower but has excellent infrastructure – and Flagstaff.

“Flagstaff is our choice,” she said. “We have a relationship with Sean and the city. There is the drop, the infrastructure, the facilities, the access to endless trails, Hypo2, everything. Flagstaff is a known quantity. Most of our athletes have used it throughout the year and years ago. If there is a medical issue, we can access whatever we need, as well as the Sedona lower elevation trail. It is difficult to obtain this combination elsewhere.

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