This man lost 85 pounds for Taco Bell to bring back a beloved menu item

He started with at-home workouts, making high-intensity interval training videos. He then added weightlifting and recently started running.

About halfway through his journey, he started to be very careful about what he ate.

“I still exercise every day, it still brings the same intensity, but I started to focus more on what I was eating, you know, making sure I wasn’t just counting calories, but that I was making those calories count,” he explained.

As he got in better physical shape, Sandberg said he realized he could also improve his mental shape. He had always struggled with his mental health but never sought help, he said.

“I was just kind of a white-knuckle all my life,” Sandberg said. With encouragement from his support system, he said he realized it was not a “weakness” to seek treatment but rather “a strength and it is a sign of courage”.

Getting in shape can be a tall order for some (if not all) people, which Sandberg said he understands. He yo-yoed dieting for 10-15 years before launching his successful workout campaign for an obscure Taco Bell item.

“Well, for some reason it clicked a little more this time around, he said, adding that people often ask him for his opinion. “I think the most important thing they can do is focus on forming new habits.

“Whether it’s in the gym or in the kitchen, you just start with a program that you can stick to consistently, because if you’re too ambitious and try to tackle too many things at once, you risk falling behind. exhaust before you have formed a habit.

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