Applying for your credit online with Mr. Markin is very easy and fast, however, we know that you may have some doubts about what you need when requesting a credit quota with us; Therefore, from Mr. Markin we want to give you some tips that may be useful before starting your application.

What should I keep in mind before applying for credit online?

What requirements are asked to apply to the credit?

It is important that you have the following requirements to start your application:

  1. You must be of legal age and have your ID number . If you are a foreigner you must have your immigration card.
  2. Be currently residing in the Colombian territory.
  3. Having a bank account that is duly registered in your name can be both a savings and checking account.
  4. Have a cell phone number for your personal use, to contact you if required.
  5. Do not forget that you must have your own email account (important that it is not from where you work) to be able to communicate properly.

How much time do I have to pay the credit?

With Mr. Markin you can request a period to cancel your credit that can go from 4 days, up to a maximum of 30 days . These terms apply to all of our credits, no matter if it is the first one, or you already have several with us.

What is the maximum amount to apply for my credit?

You can request amounts ranging from $ 150,000 to $ 900,000, but if it is the first time you apply the maximum amount you can request is $ 550,000.

Note: remember that the amount you request is subject to a system analysis, this indicates that you can be granted the value you requested or a lower value depending on the analysis you determine.

Am I charged for applying with Mr. Markin?

NO , applying with Mr. Markin has no cost. You are only charged the charges determined to your credit and all at the time of cancellation.

What charges and interests does Mr. Markin charge me?

When you apply with Mr. Markin, it is important that you have very clear the value that you must cancel for the credit, so here we explain each of the charges.

  • What interest do they charge? : The interest rate that we handle in Mr. Markin is 1.9% effective monthly , or equivalent to 25% effective annual.
  • What is insurance? : The insurance corresponds to the value of the policy in case of death or a disability equal to or greater than 51%.
  • What is the administrative charge? : The administrative charge is a fixed charge, which corresponds to the use of the platform for 30 days, equivalent to $ 16,000 pesos. This is a charge that is charged only once every 30 days, regardless of the amount of active credits you request during this period of time.
  • What is the technology charge? : The technological charge is the value for the use of Mr. Markin’ economic platform, and this has a cost equivalent to 800 pesos a day.
  • Do they charge me VAT? : Yes, VAT is a tax charged on any product or commercial transaction. This is equivalent to 19% on insurance, administration and technology charges.

If I meet the requirements, how do I apply for a loan?

If I meet the requirements, how do I apply for a loan?

  • You just have to enter our website: Mr. Markin, (make sure you are the correct page, since it is the only page where you can make your request) there you will find our credit calculator.
  • In the calculator you must place the value you want to request and the date you want to pay. Also on the right side you will find a table where you can know all the aforementioned charges and their corresponding values. If you agree with the charges and other values ​​shown on the credit calculator, we invite you to click on ” REQUEST YOUR CREDIT ” to begin your application.

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