Top 5 Reasons You Should Try Indoor Competition Early in the Season


HAPPY NEW YEAR and beyond to the MileSplit IL family!


NOW is the time to reflect on the last cross country ski season and take advantage of the lull. They can include spending time with family and friends and recharging the battery before the next indoor campaign.

Top five reasons to participate in early-season indoor competitions

# 1: If you missed the feel of fall training season outdoors but now complaining about the cold, you need to compete indoors. Sitting down with your coach or trainer to set short and long term goals is the first step to success. The best way to catch up if you missed those four beautiful months outside is to lather up and find a warm place inside to practice and later choose multiple encounters to master your craft. It usually takes about four competitions before you see favorable results.

# 2: The weather in the Midwest is very tough until early May. How many meetups have we seen canceled in April due to less than ideal conditions like snow, high tornado-like winds or even relentless rain that is downright horrible? If you’re a senior and have personal goals on and off or beyond high school, don’t let Mother Nature get you in a bad spot.

# 3: Gain valuable experience now and gain the upper hand over your competition. January, February, and even March are great months to prepare for the predictable outdoor season when things get real. During this so-called slump period, you have the advantage.

# 4: If you want to grab the attention of a college coach, now is the time. Many coaches are always recruiting and recruiting, whether you are a freshman or a senior. There is no better way to get their attention on a potential stock market than to get good results early and often.

# 5: Don’t procrastinate when you can do it now. We often hear coaches and athletes say, “ahh May or June is where it matters most”. This is certainly true to some extent, but remember that the foundation is more often than not laid in January or February.

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Meetings designed by Louisville and Chicago MileSplit in 2022:

1 / 8- CYUP Cabin Fever Invitational (registration open)

-The first meet of the season will take place at the gigantic Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center in Louisville. It may be America’s best hidden gem. Those who have chosen to participate in this affair from the very start of the season will be in for a treat. Some of the best talent in the country and the region.

1/16 Morolake Akinosun Elite Invitational (registration open)

– Olympian Morolake Akinosun returns for her second installment at the Chicago Gately Track & Field Center. It was the first official athletics invitation last February and was a great success. This event will be event specific with the intention of attracting top talent based on the number of entries entered.

1 / 22- CYUP Misfits Invitational (registration open)

-Indoor athletics can be a unique advanced sport. As the term suggests, the Misfits Invite specializes in unique events such as the 300, 600 and 1000m. There will be traditional events such as the 60m, 60HH, mile, two mile, field events and several relays.

In this year’s edition there will be an invitational mile run sponsored by HOKA ONE Shoe Company. This event targets the top 12 milers for girls and boys. It’s guaranteed to be one of the major events of the undercover season.

2 / 5- Louisville Indoor Games (registration open)

2 / 5- Invitation Dr Conrad Worrill

-Dr. Worrill, one of Chicago’s foremost civil rights leaders, was also a staunch supporter of athletics. Dr Worrill’s mission is to build a premier indoor facility in the city for children. His dream would come

02/18 / 20- MVP Vibefest Chicagoland (registrations are open)

-This new 3 day event is going to be a blast with the high school, pro and club competing on three separate days.

3 / 5- Illinois Meet of Champions Showcase (registration open)


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