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What is INSCYD?

INSCYD is a unique training tool that gives athletes and coaches a diagnosis of their physiology and training using metrics that were previously only available to elite athletes.

Based on this information, the creation of very detailed individual training plans is possible.

Human performance laboratories, (national) federations and coaches of different sports use INSCYD for laboratory and field tests. It is independent of the type of test and data you are using: it can use measured measurements of VO2, lactate and / or GPS and you can tailor the test protocol to your needs. INSCYD makes sure to calculate a large number of physiological metrics using innovative algorithms that have been scientifically validated to prove their accuracy. This ease of use makes INSCYD a much more accessible analysis tool.

The running power-performance decoder

The latest feature of INSCYD is called “Running Power-Performance Decoder” and it eliminates the need to go to a test lab to collect physiological and performance measurements. It captures all the data you would get in a lab and more, in a simple real world test. Laboratory analysis of your body’s performance is now possible with a simple GPS watch.

The runner performs a four interval test protocol using a simple GPS watch. By performing the intervals outdoors, test results are more relevant to training and running environments, compared to laboratory treadmill testing. In other words: there is no loss of precision due to the projection of data from the laboratory treadmill onto the outdoor run.

What it measures: the metabolic profile

Until now, physiological field testing has mainly been limited to determining the athlete’s anaerobic threshold. You needed lab diagnostics to provide the VO2max or other relevant information such as fat and carbohydrate burning rates. With the PPD-R, you capture all the data you would get in a combined lab and field test.

But there is more, because INSCYD is the only physiological assessment tool that captures aerobics and anaerobic (glycolytic) performance – aka VO2max and VLamax. Since athleticism is highly dependent on glycolytic (anaerobic) performance, VLamax is an essential measure to find the most effective levels of training. INSCYD provides the only scientifically validated measure of this glycolytic power on the market.

Decryption of sports performance – an 800m race

Here is an example of how INSCYD can give you a better understanding of the required metabolic profile that an athlete should have for a specific race. Imagine you want to run 800m in 1:43 (min: sec). With an average current economy, this requires an energy equivalent of 120 ml of VO2 per minute and per kilogram of body weight. Of course, no athlete has a VO2max of 120 ml / min / kg. As a result, a significant part of the energy must come from anaerobic metabolism (without oxygen).

Suppose the INSCYD test results show that you have a VO2max of 80 ml / min / kg. You will reach this VO2max at the end of the 800m run. The energy deficit caused by the time it takes for VO2 to rise is mainly covered by your super-fast non-lactic energy system (creatine phosphate system). As a result, there is “only” an equivalent of 40 ml / min / kg VO2 that should be covered by another energy system.

This energy will come from the glycolytic system (anaerobic). Whenever this system produces energy, it also produces lactate. Therefore, the rate of lactate production is a direct marker of the rate of energy production. That is why VLamax (peak lactate production rate) is the anaerobic (glycolytic) brother of the well-known VO2max.

To cover the equivalent of 40 ml / min / kg of VO2, you must accumulate a minimum of 0.14 mmol / l / s of lactate per second, which gives a lactate concentration of around 16 mmol / l at the end race. However, to actually produce this amount of lactate in such a short time, you need a higher VLamax: 0.6 mmol / l / s. This is because fatigue (for example, acidosis) will cause you to only be able to use one fraction of your VLamax.

For comparison: world-class marathoners have a VLamax in the approximate stage of 0.3. But if you want to run 100m in less than 10sec, you need a VLamax in the approximate stage of 1.0. So the 0.6 in the example here is slightly on the upper end.

Energy contribution of an 800m race in 1h43: blue = aerobic, red = creatine phosphate, green = glycolytic

Example of conclusion

To run a fast 800m run you need a good combination of: run economy, VO2max, VLamax, and the fraction of VLamax you can use. You can improve these 4 determinants of performance through training.

Even though these determinants of performance are known to coaches, it was not possible to access athletic performance at such a detailed level – until now. At best, you could measure some metrics in a lab, but not where it matters: in the field. It’s different now with INSCYD. With INSCYD, a coach can now perform very simple field tests using only GPS data or lactate measurement or even VO2 (if available) and create a complete 360 ​​° metabolic profile of an athlete.

This profile contains all of the metrics listed above and additionally:

  • VO2max (maximum aerobic power)
  • VLamax (maximum anaerobic potency) and the fraction you can use
  • Anaerobic Threshold (FTP)
  • Current economy
  • Lactate accumulation and recovery rate to set prices for interval training
  • FatMax (intensity at which the runner burns the most fat)
  • Use of fats and carbohydrates at any intensity (kcal / h and g / h)
  • Estimation of available glycogen reserves

In particular, the information on the use of fats and carbohydrates has proven to be very useful in other sports such as road cycling and triathlon. It helps athletes and coaches prescribe specific nutritional strategies for races and training to avoid running out of energy when needed.

For coaches who want what is possibly the most in-depth testing tool available on the market today, INSCYD provides an easy-to-use solution to help maximize every element of their athlete’s training program.

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Two-time Olympian Brijesh Lawrence manages athletics clients for INSCYD


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