Tribute to the man who ran the Fargo Marathon

FARGO – When asked if Connie Lau, 61, was ready for her very first race, the Fargo Marathon 5K event, she said it quite clearly.

“No, no,” she laughed.

However, she was not running for a medal, but to honor her late husband, Doug Lau. Their two sons also joined the event.

“We are so proud, we couldn’t be prouder,” she said.

Doug Lau is considered one of the key people who helped the Fargo Marathon cross the start line almost two decades ago. The longtime Coca-Cola employee helped form a very important sponsorship. Doug Lau has never run a race in his life, but he quickly became a key part of the “race” to make sure it ran smoothly.

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“We didn’t see much dad throughout this week, he was gone very early and only came back late at night,” recalls his son Chris Lau.

On race day, Doug Lau would set up the drink stations at 4 a.m. and wait for each runner to pass to bring them down. Except once, a runner was too far behind, but Doug refused to let him dry.

“Doug left paper cups along the course in case he needed water,” said Connie Lau.

When runners exit the Dome this year, they will pay their respects by passing under the Doug Lau Memorial Mile sign.

“Dad didn’t do it for honors or fame, he did it for his community,” his son Matt Lau said.

A family and a community honoring the man who always made the race run.

“I’m sure he’s got goose bumps,” Connie said.

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