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It has been six years since the Broncos and Bengals have encountered issues like these in play. On December 28, 2015, Cincinnati traveled to Denver with the AFC playoff seed to win on “Monday Night. Soccer”. The winner would have the field advantage throughout the playoffs and the loser would face a more perilous climb in the playoff table.

The Broncos recovered from a missed snap by AJ McCarron in overtime to claim the victory 20-17. Denver locked the seed and won it in Super Bowl 50. The Bengals lost on a pass and lost to the visiting Steelers in the wildcard round.

Neither team has returned to the playoffs since.

When the Broncos and Bengals face off on Sunday, the result could once again send the teams on different paths. With both teams posting a 7-6 record, the loser may not be officially eliminated from the playoff race, but he will be on life support. The winner will see their playoff odds surge and may even consider the idea of ​​running for a division title.

So, in which direction will the arrow point for both teams after Sunday’s game is over? Athletic Beat writers Jay Morrison (Bengals) and Nick Kosmider (Broncos) are here to give their thoughts on what to expect from this massive AFC showdown:

Key matches

Morrison: It’s not a mano-a-mano showdown in the traditional sense, but what about Vic Fangio vs. Joe Burrow.

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