Watch: Atonio Mafi, Datona Jackson talk about improved racing game, LSU outlook up front

Atonio Mafi

When did you find out you were starting? General thoughts on performance?

I found out over the course of the week, but honestly we shoot guard a lot so it doesn’t really matter as far as we all get playtime and we all try to help out. ‘team. And it was pretty good to be up there, finally back on offense, I felt like in high school again, back on the offensive side and it was really good to play O-Line.

Reward to see Charbonnet and Brown succeed?

Man, those two backs, they’re as good as any back in the nation. Our job is just to try and get them to open up a space and you can see what they’re doing. They’re great full backs, and they definitely just take them to the second level and just let them play. The film doesn’t lie, they are very good running backs.

Are you looking for thinner? Weight and workout changes when transitioning to O-Line?

Right now, I’ve been on 356 since this morning. I’m feeling good and I just want to keep getting in better shape and keep playing to the best of my ability, that’s kind of the goal right now.

Is LSU’s defensive line unlike anything you’ve faced in college before?

I mean, obviously every team from – everyone in Division I football has a scholarship for a reason, so everyone’s good and you can expect them to be in their college for a reason. . So I’m happy to play, for sure they are definitely a good challenge for us and we’re just excited. We had a good week of training, we worked hard, communicated and it should be fun.

Have you ever missed defense or your old position?

Not really. I mean, defense is fun, you get a lot of recognition, you can tackle and all that is cool, but being on the pitch when you score a touchdown, there’s nothing like it. It’s really fun to be there with the boys, with the running backs. And I don’t know, something about the offense just appeals to me more, personally. I like to block and find it more fun to play. No hate for any D-Linemen or any of the boys in the other room, my roommate still plays D-Line, Ty. But the offense is, I just feel like it’s better for me.

Completely moved emotionally and mentally to O-Line?

Yes sir, I’m definitely on the offensive line, I’m not looking back on defense, these are my first two years here, full on offense for sure.

D-Line feels like it has abandoned them?

Oh no no. It’s all love. Obviously they’re doing great without me, you can see the performance of last year and the last game, last week, they didn’t skip a beat or anything so that’s it. love for sure.

Confident in how much you’ve picked up O-Line or still learning?

I think Coach Frye and the other boys, the gym definitely caught up to me really quickly. Obviously every week there is always a chance to improve, but I can’t be more grateful to the boys: Jon Gaines, Alec, Sam, Paul Grattan, all those boys who have been playing O-Line for a while. , they really took me under their wing and helped me even though we’re the same age and stuff, later in our years, but they help me, get me used to the position. And I feel good, I feel good with where I’m at right now. Obviously there is so much more that I know I can achieve just by listening to the boys and training them.

Jump on the Charbonnet Heisman train with Bo Calvert?

Yes sir, of course. Yeah, he got my offer. I mean, if I had a vote … Zach got it for sure.

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