Watch: Song Ji Hyo, Jun So Min, and Yang Se Chan Perform Their Fan Reunion Dance Covers At Kim Jong Kook’s Request On “Running Man”

In the September 19 episode of SBS “Running Man, ” Kim jong kook transformed into manager of a fitness center to train other members.

At the start of the episode, Kim Jong Kook brought up the fact that June So Min, Yang se chan, and Ji Hyo Song had performed cover dances for a recent “Running Man” online fan meeting. He then asked Jun So Min and Yang Se Chan to perform their cover of “When We Disco” on the spot.

Although Yang Se Chan and Jun So Min tried to protest, they reacted automatically as soon as the music turned on and immersed themselves in the performance. Kim Jong Kook watched with satisfaction because the impromptu dance request was meant to be an aerobic warm-up exercise before training began.

Kim Jong Kook then asked Song Ji Hyo to share her cover of “Rollin” by Brave Girls. Satisfaction. However, Yoo Jae Suk didn’t waste the opportunity to tease Kim Jong Kook for “lovingly smiling” at Song Ji Hyo, continuing their continual back and forth about their “love line”.

Watch “Running Man” below!

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