Winnipeg man runs 48 hours to support Siloam mission

Running for 48 hours might not be the number, if any, of how many Winnipeggers will pass the days after Christmas, but for a man it’s an old hat.

Snow covering a well-worn buckle around The Forks will be packed by a single pair of running shoes on Sunday and Monday. This is the seventh year that Junel Malapad has performed, but this year there is a twist.

“I’m extending the race day to another day; for 48 hours,” says Malapad.

He hopes to run 200 kilometers in those 48 hours. In some previous years he ran for 56 hours, making 48 hours a more relaxed goal.

“Running these long distances is actually a matter of the mind; if you are mentally strong. Because it comes to the point where you just want to give up. What will wear me is the reason why. “

He hopes to raise $20,000 for the Siloam mission.

“There will be people who are out there in the elements who don’t want to be there,” he said, referring to Winnipeg’s homeless population. “This is what will take me through my 48 hours.”

Malapad has garnered the support of his fellow Winnipeggers over the past several years for his racing exploits. He raised over $ 5,000 Thursday night, more than a quarter of his goal. Her donation page is filled with encouraging words. This year, he hopes to inspire others to enjoy the outdoors.

Malapad gives nothing but says he will do more long distance races in the future.

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