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In the final part of our series of interviews with Rudy Vonbergwe took the opportunity to get his thoughts on a race he won’t actually be racing in 2022 – but who will certainly be very interested in it.

As you are no doubt aware, in May 2022 we will see the first of two events for this year’s IRONMAN World Championship, which will take place in St George, Utah. In October, the event returns to Hawaii.

St. George’s Experience

St George is a place that Von Berg knows well. Although he was ruled out of the 70.3 World Championship in September – following his withdrawal from the Collins Cup due to illness – he still has plenty of knowledge at the Utah site.

In May 2021, he was part of that momentous run when Lionel Sanders edged out Sam Long, finishing fourth. Two years earlier, Von Berg had won the North American championship in Utah when he won the race, so he knows what it takes to succeed there.

While his own full distance debut will take place a month later in June at IRONMAN France, Von Berg has raced all the names that should be fighting for the title on the middle distance format, giving him a great prospect. about what might happen. , from the point of view of the course and the athlete.

St George – The course

Here are Rudy’s thoughts on what it will take to be successful.


“Well, it will be a wetsuit swim in May, which will slightly favor the slower swimmers.”

The bike

“The bike is always fast. Everyone says it’s a tough bike, but Gustav rode a 1:58 [Ed. at the 2021 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship]so it’s not a slow bike course.

“You definitely have hills, but you ride really fast when you’re not on those hills, there are long false flats where you go really fast. I remember changing my big ring to a bigger one for this racing in 2019.”

IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship 2021 St George
Photo of Donald Miralle for IRONMAN

the race

“And then the racing is, I think, the biggest part. It’s the hilliest race on the circuit so you just need to be able to run well uphill and downhill, so you have to be pretty fresh for this race and be a good athlete. Not just being someone with a high turnover on apartments.

“Running uphill is something I struggled with this year. I was quite tired of the bike, I did a bit too much and if you can’t run uphill well you will lose a lot of time.

“If you go really fast down a steep descent, it can also tire you out. It’s a really unique mix of elements there.

“Like any world champion, you have to be a complete athlete, you can’t have any weaknesses.”

St George’s Favorites – The Von Berg Take

“It will be a super interesting race and I hope everyone will be there, uninjured and ready to race. It could be quite a spectacular run and course. With IRONMAN putting a little more money into the cover, it will be pretty cool.

“Definitely up there, I think the big three are Kristian, Gustav and Jan. Those are definitely the three favourites, I would say.

“Some guys who could do really well are Sam Long, Daniel Baekkegard and a guy like Kristian Hogenhaug, the ITU long distance world champion. He did very well and almost won the regional championships in Frankfurt. A very strong rider on this hilly course and a strength rider, so I’m going to put a little dark horse on him.

Kristian Hogenhaug Challenge Almere 2021

“It will be interesting to see if Jan can race with these Norwegians, maybe he will be up front after the bike. It will be really interesting – the young top guns now against the greatest of all time.

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